About Us

The "National Information Society" project is designed for all consumers wishing to read interesting news and materials.

Our rules:

1) Absolute Absence of Standards. Standards do not exist. Standards we create with you.

2) We are there - where are the money.

3) We understood that the weapon is the one and the right. As of today, our weapon is a word.

Financing of the project is carried out at the expense of advertising, sponsors, payments of participants of the project, as well as voluntary payments of people and organizations.

We also invite you to support the community and the project "National Information Society"!

The average monthly expenses (costs) for the project are:
Article of expenses Amount, UAH
Hosting and domain 350
Web developer 9000
Web designer 7000
Project journalists 15000
The authors fees are 8000
Translators 12000
Administrator 5000
Office costs 4000
Total: 60 350

Thanks to everyone who supports our project and community of news!

The portal publishes verified materials from various authors. Everyone can become an author. Send us your photo materials and articles and receive fees.

The portal is presented in three languages - Russian, English and German. The target audience of the portal is the planet Earth.

Legal support of the portal - the Law Firm "Mercury International".

Consulting Support in Eastern Europe - Uranium 238.

IT-support of the portal - Web-studio "GiBBon".

The consultants of the portal are Alfred Brown (The Netherlands), Pietro Zanich (Croatia), Richard Brown (journalist, USA).

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Размещаем полезные и интересные материалы. NO BULLSHIT.