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Metro losses can reach one billion hryvnia

According to the results of financial and economic activity for the first time in the last 15 years, the Kiev subway has received a profit. It amounts to 76.1 million UAH. For comparison - one new car subway costs about 36 million UAH.

In 2014, the expected loss of the company amounted to 756 million hryvnia. Thanks to the efficient management of energy saving measures implemented, the launch of a single open procurement system, and the optimization of the use of resources, in 2015, the negative indicators were reduced to 119 million hryvnia. And last year, bring the company into positive indicators.

However, due to the increase in the cost of electricity three times and the increase of the minimum wage and, accordingly, all statutory deductions, this year Kiev subway again expects a loss to 1 billion hryvnia.

The issue of changing the tariff is not yet considered. Financial indicators of the subway are under consideration in the profile departments of KCSA.

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