Tomasz Politovski: "We are ready to become a priority supplier of materials for roofing and facades in Ukraine"

Tomasz Politovski: "We are ready to become a priority supplier of materials for roofing and facades in Ukraine"

The director of the company Pruszyński in Ukraine gave an interview to the portal "SuperNews" and expressed his opinion about the market of roofing materials in Ukraine.
Recently, the site of the Prushinski representative office in Ukraine was updated a little. What is the reason for the update and what are the goals you set for the site? How do you track the effectiveness of the project?

At present, when the Internet has become a full-fledged media outlet, it becomes obvious that the creation of a website is an essential part of the business.

The purpose of updating the site is to increase brand awareness, create a more modern image of the company on the Internet. This is also one of the types of feedback from customers that have the opportunity not only to obtain comprehensive information about Pruszynski's products and services, recommendations for installation, but also to calculate the cost of the necessary products, to receive information about new products, to learn about the conditions and benefits of cooperation and much more. . The resource, in my opinion, is very informative. But we continue to work on it with the aim of improving the convenience of its use. There are plans to create additional services for customers. In general, we are only at the beginning of the journey.
In your experience, how different are the principles in the approach to marketing and sales in Ukraine and Poland?

The answer to this question I can give, relying only on my personal experience. The differences, in my opinion, are not that companies are in different countries, but in the specifics of the business. The organization of the sales channel on my previous job was completely different, where it was not the brand that was important, but experience and qualification. I must emphasize the high level of experience and qualifications of Pruszynski's employees, but the specifics of the industry, which is characterized by a lower barrier to entry of new players into the market and, accordingly, a higher level of competition, makes brand recognition one of the most important factors.
What prospects do you see in Ukraine? How, in your opinion, will the segments of the roof, facades, LSTC in Ukraine grow, and the share of Prushinski on them? What prevents the development of these markets?

In my opinion, we have quite promising prospects. Despite the depressing picture of previous periods, this year promises to have already more optimistic results. Although inflation remained at 12%, positive GDP growth is projected and, what is very important, foreign investment has increased. It should also be noted that the saturation of the market with our product range remains quite low. All this allows us to look optimistically into the future.

Speaking about the factors that threaten the development of the industry, it is necessary to mention the crisis, the unstable political and economic situation, which led to a decrease in investments in the project supply segment. Inflation in turn significantly reduces the purchasing power in the segment of cottage sales.

In general, the market outlook, in our opinion, is very bright, because there is a certainty that the trend of consumption growth in the construction sector this year will continue to the next, and the demand for products will only increase. We are fully prepared to assume responsibility and become a priority supplier of materials for roofing, facades and industrial structures in all regions of the country.

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