The title «Мiss Vinnitsa-2017» went to 20-year old Alina Shamaluk

The title «Мiss Vinnitsa-2017» went to 20-year old Alina Shamaluk

20-year-old Alina Shamalyuk became the winner of the anniversary beauty contest "Miss Vinnytsia-2017".

The name of the owner of the precious crown was announced on the evening of March 5 in the walls of the Sadovsky Theater. In addition to the eminent title, Alina received 20,000 hryvnias, a trip to Spain, a fur product, from the "Knyazhnaya store" and a yearly subscription to "Knockout" (a gym).

For the title of the first beauty of the city competed 16 girls who were preparing for 1.5 months for the ideal final exit. As the contest took place in the twentieth, the organizers did not cease to surprise viewers with surprises. Between the girls' exits the hall was entertained with a laser show, hypnosis from Artem Tikhivich, the singing of the Vodograi ensemble, an exciting performance by the group "Hupnotunez", an art show by Denis Ditiynuk. The leading evenings were Yevhen Chepurnyak and Olga Dudnik, who also won the Vinnytsia beauty contest 15 years ago.

 There were five exits in total. For the first time, the girls appeared on the stage in fur products from the sponsor of the "Princess" store contest. The next part of the evening was accompanied by questions to the contestants. The girls were confident in their words, smiling and reflecting on what they would like to see, what inspires them, what they fear and who they like to spend their time with? In the third exit, the girls danced in clothing from Natalia Gorbonos, and then dressed in things from the design studio "DESS".

Last, as usual, there was a drapery in swimsuits.

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