Norwegians are preparing for the construction of the world's first shipping tunnel

Norwegians are preparing for the construction of the world's first shipping tunnel

Soon, Norway will begin construction of the world's first full-length shipping tunnel.

This tunnel, named Stad Ship Tunnel, will allow you to make a safe passage through the sea of Stadhavet 70-120 ships of the sea class daily. The length of the tunnel will be 1.7 km, the height - 37 meters, and the width - 26.5 meters.

The aforementioned sea has long been known for its treachery; in the distant past, the Vikings preferred pulling their boats along the shore, rather than risking crossing the sea to swim. The idea of constructing a tunnel to circumnavigate this sea first appeared in the 1870s, but only the current level of development of a number of technologies will enable it to be realized in reality.


Stad Ship Tunnel

South entrance to the tunnel

To start work on the construction of the Stad Ship Tunnel tunnel, the Norwegian parliament has already allocated a sum of NOK 1 billion (about $ 118 million) under the national transport development plan for 2014-2023. At the first stage, the Norwegian architectural company Snohetta was involved in this business, whose specialists have already developed the original project plan and created a series of drawings showing what the Stad Ship Tunnel tunnel might look like in reality.

From the north side, the access point to the tunnel will be located near the town of Selje, and the southern exit from the tunnel will go into the waters of the fjord Moldefjord. A bridge from which the passing or passing people will be able to see the ships entering or leaving the tunnel will be thrown through the mouth of the southern entrance to the tunnel. The northern exit of the tunnel will be "dressed" in smooth, horizontal concrete structures, the view of which will harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape.


The north entrance to the tunnel

"The Stad Ship Tunnel tunnel currently under development will not look like a rude human intervention in nature, it will have the most aesthetic shape and harmoniously fit into the environment," said Terje Andreassen, head of the project, "We expect that the construction of the tunnel can be started already in 2019. "

The construction of such a scale will cost the Norwegian government a very substantial sum. According to preliminary estimates, the project is estimated at 2.3 billion Norwegian kronor (about 272 million dollars). However, if everything goes according to the plan, "Norway will receive another great attraction, which will be the world's first tunnel for naval ships."

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