The best city in the world for dating is named

The best city in the world for dating is named

Gothenburg in the southwest of Sweden was recognized as the best city in the world for dating. To this conclusion came specialists of the online booking service of Hostelworld hotels, interviewing 12,000 people from 39 locations in 28 countries.

In the second place in the ranking of 20 positions was the Swedish capital of Stockholm. It closes the top three American Chicago.

Fourth and fifth places also went to the US cities - Boston and New York. Copenhagen, Madrid, Rome, Hamburg and Dublin were included in the top ten list in descending order.

Three criteria were taken into account in the rating, in particular, how often locals meet with friends and use social networks. Experts also took into account the attitude of people to establishing social connections and direct personal communication.

The third criterion was the public environment. The question is how often residents of a particular city participate in parties, as well as how open they are, tolerated and reliable.

The complete list of cities for dating is as follows:

20. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

19. Berlin, Germany

18. Milan, Italy

17. Vancouver, Canada

16. Helsinki, Finland

15. Warsaw, Poland

14. Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

13. Paris, France

12. Sydney, Australia

11. Toronto, Canada

10. Dublin, Ireland

9. Hamburg, Germany

8. Rome, Italy

7. Madrid, Spain

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

5. New York, NY (USA)

4. Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

3. Chicago, Illinois (USA)

2. Stockholm, Sweden

1. Gothenburg, Sweden

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