"Bachelor-7" is another nonsense from the STB channel

"Bachelor-7" is another nonsense from the STB channel

Romantic and beautiful fully staged reality project of Ukrainian television. He collects millions of Ukrainians at the screens, every time making him worry about the fate of his dull heroes.

"Bachelor" is a project about relationships, how to win men's attention and not to lose his sympathy. The "Bachelor" project shows that it is sometimes necessary to take risks, so as not to feel sorry for what has not been done. The first sympathies and feelings are born in front of viewers. "The Bachelor" is a cherished idea in the American reality show "The Bachelor", one can understand that love is labor, teaching, patience, creativity and humility.

To become closer acquainted with 25 participants, the protagonist, Bachelor, assigns them a date in the most picturesque and exotic corners of the world, makes for their sake romantic deeds, together they struggle with fears, overcome extreme tasks and open each other.


According to the rules of the project with each episode, the number of applicants decreases - at the Rose Ceremony the Bachelor hands the flower only to those with whom they want to continue their acquaintance. In the final of the project, there are only a few finalists with whom the protagonist acquaints his parents, and who will soon go to meet the Bachelor's family in his hometown. In the last episode, the Bachelor selects only one participant whom he can hand over a ring-a symbol of the seriousness of his intentions.Роза Аль-Намри

In previous seasons, the main characters of the show "Bachelor" were: the popular dancer Maxim Chmerkovsky (his choir was Alexander Shulgin); the descendant of the royal dynasty of the Romanovs with a frenzied laugh Francis Alexander Matthew Romanov (elected by Elena Ryansova); plastic surgeon Andrei Iskornev (Anna Kozyr was elected as a choir, but soon the hero began to meet with Irina Skorikova); football player Sergey Melnyk (chosen - Marina Kishchuk); Producer Irakli Makatsaria (elected - Alena Lesyk).

The main character of the seventh season "Bachelor" - Dmitry Cherkasov.

Leading project is Grigory Reshetnik.

Leading post-show "Bachelor. How to get married "- Rosa Al-Namri.

Thanks to the "Bachelor" project, many of its participants managed to build strong relationships, and some have already married and have children.


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