Channel "Quarter TV" has stopped satellite broadcasting

Channel "Quarter TV" has stopped satellite broadcasting

On January 20, 2017, the TV channel Kvartal TV stopped satellite broadcasting in open access and closed its signal with the system of conditional access.

To protect the content, the channel chose one of the best solutions on the market - the Verimatrix system (version VCAS 4.0 for DVB).

The system of conditional access Verimatrix provides high level of security of the content (advanced security), a wide range of functions, as well as tools for counteracting the illegal use of content and the fight against piracy.

In the chosen "Quarter TV" channel, the solution is to use the technology of a non-card customer - to decode the signal, CAM modules without smart cards are used. To decode the TV channel signal, it's enough to get the Verimatrix module from the CAM distributor and install it in any satellite receiver with a CI / CI + slot. SAM Verimatrix modules are also compatible with professional IRD satellite receivers.

The use of CAM modules as a decoder allows for increased security of content, as well as ease of use for the provider, since the CAM module can be immediately installed in a satellite receiver-decoder (main station) to receive both analogue and digital signals.

"Quarter TV" is a valuable and high-quality content, which is now securely protected. Such a step was initially foreseen by the channel development strategy. I am convinced that this decision will make the channel more attractive to providers, "said Yaroslav Pakholchuk, director of the pay-TV direction 1 + 1 media Yaroslav Pakholchuk." SuperNews "absolutely disagrees with Yaroslav and is confident that without subsidies the channel's activities will be unprofitable in the near future, and the population and providers will not want to officially pay for "Quarter TV".

TV Channel "Квартал TV" transmits its signal through the satellite Astra4А 4.8 ⁰E. Satellite coverage provides a stable and high-quality signal reception in all countries of Europe. For satellite TV subscribers, viewing the TV channel "Quarter TV" is possible in the package of satellite operators Viasat and Xtra TV.

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