McDonald's in Europe have been caught in non-payment of taxes of $ 500 million

McDonald's in Europe have been caught in non-payment of taxes of $ 500 million

The European Commission may require McDonald's to pay $ 500 million in taxes. This is reported by the Financial Times with reference to the materials available in the publication of the investigation.

According to the documents, since 2009, the European office of the MacDonalds network paid 1.49 percent of the tax to the EU budget with 1.8 billion dollars in profits. At the same time, as the publication notes, the tax in Luxembourg, where the headquarters of the company is located, was to make 29.2 percent of the profits.

Representatives of McDonald's stated that the company pays all the necessary taxes and does not receive any privileges from the states. According to the network, from 2011 to 2015, the company paid 2.5 billion dollars in taxes to the EU only from the profit of the organization with an average tax rate of 27 percent.

Earlier in September, according to the results of a similar investigation on Apple, the European Commission came to the conclusion that Ireland provided unjustified tax benefits to corporations. As a result, according to the EC, the country has not received 13 billion euros. Now the corporation has to return the unpaid taxes for the country from 2003 to 2014. The American company claims that the claims are unfounded.

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