Autumn service for 150grn. in the "Autocentre on the Capital"

Autumn service for 150grn. in the "Autocentre on the Capital"

Service center "Autocentre on the capital" (Kiev), which is recognized as the best Multibrand Service Station in Ukraine in the version of the All-Ukrainian competition "Best Stations 2016", is pleased to announce the action of a special offer for service.

In the period from 15.09.17 to 14.10.17 the promotional terms apply to:

Tire service - from 150 UAH. * VAT included!

Removal of 4 wheels, dismantling and installation of tires, balancing of wheels, installation of wheels on a car. The final price depends on the size of the wheel disks.

Break-up - from 150 UAH. * VAT included!

Control and adjustment of angles of installation of front wheels of cars. Adjustment of the corners of the rear wheels is payable additionally (at the stock rate per hour).

Complex diagnostics - 150 UAH * with VAT!

Diagnostics of the chassis and steering;
Brake system diagnostics;
Diagnostics of technical liquids;
Diagnostics of electronic systems **.

Checking and refueling of the air conditioning system - from 255 UAH. with VAT (without consumables).

Additionally, you will receive a 15% discount on work and up to 20% on spare parts, on malfunctions that have been identified during these promotional programs.

Call (044) 206-8000!

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