Corporation "Bogdan" against foreign cars

Corporation "Bogdan" against foreign cars


The situation around cars with foreign license plates is threatening. Market participants are concerned about the facts of "blackmail" of the Government with the requirements to adopt regulatory acts that propose to abolish the rules for temporary staying a car with a foreign registration on the territory of Ukraine and reduce the tax on customs clearance of such cars. Such an initiative will lead to a number of negative consequences.

Firstly, the bill destroys the civilized automotive market and creates social inequality, where some Ukrainians deduct a significant portion of taxes to the state budget for new cars, while others tend to almost for nothing to import old vehicles. "Ukraine is a civilized country in which the rule of law and the rule of law must prevail. The desire to evade tax can not force the Government to take anti-state steps ", - say in the Federation of Automobile Industry Employers.

Secondly, the proposed changes create uncompetitive conditions for car manufacturers and official dealers of new cars, which threatens the employment of thousands of Ukrainians. In the face of the fall of the automotive market, importers and distributors are trying to keep dealer networks that have invested millions of dollars, not to cut jobs. The liberalization of the import of cars with foreign registration and, in fact, duty-free import and possession of such cars will lead to the closure of service and distribution networks, importers and reduction of employees.

Thirdly, the massive unregulated import of old cars threatens the country's environmental situation. Statistics show catastrophic aging of the fleet in Ukraine - at the beginning of 2016, the average age of the car was about 19.6 years. Adopting requirements for the liberalization of imports of cars with a foreign registration will endanger the ecological state of the country due to the large number of harmful emissions of old cars that do not comply with the existing environmental standards of the EU. In addition, old cars are potentially life-threatening and may endanger road safety.

Taking into account the above-mentioned effects, environmental and economic risks, the Federation of Automobile Industry Employers and the Association of Ukravtoprom emphasize the need to carefully consider the possible consequences of requirements and find ways to rationalize the situation with cars with foreign license plate numbers.

Information from the site of "BOGDAN" corporation

By the way, "Bogdan Corporation" does not mention "autoclaves" in the message.

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