Retail networks spit at small business

Retail networks spit at small business Избранное

In Ukraine, home appliances and smartphones should now be sold only through cash registers.

The sale in Ukraine of "complicated" equipment - one that is subject to warranty repair - should now be carried out exclusively with the help of registers of settlement transactions (PPOs). In December 2016, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a corresponding law, and in March 2017 the Cabinet approved a list of goods that should be sold through cash registers. On May 8, the government decree entered into force. The requirement to use PPOs applies to all traders, including individual entrepreneurs (FLP), who work on a single tax.

In the list of such goods more than 300 items. This, in particular, refrigerators, cookers, pumps, boilers, air conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, boilers, printers, scanners, laptops, telephones (including smartphones).
Its profit - for someone else's account

Companies that have not yet acquired a RRO will be forced to do so now, which is associated with certain costs. However, they will be different depending on the scale of the business.

Experts believe that the decision on compulsory use of PPOs lobbied large companies: "Any tightening of the norms of legislation, control standards, monitoring is lobbied by large companies that say they work completely" in white. "The portal" SuperNews "fully supports this statement of the expert, since we know for sure that top managers and owners of large networks want to continue to live beautifully.

The linkage of the use of PPOs in the sale of "complex" equipment to the need for warranty repairs is a complete nonsense, since such repairs are carried out by a brand-name service center or by the manufacturer himself, and not by the seller. "This is an excuse to tighten this norm and say that unhappy consumers, when making purchases for cash, lose the right to a guarantee," the expert noted. The new rule will most affect the interests of market traders.
Fighting smuggling :)

However, it is largely not only and not so much in the "disassembly" between large retail chains and small Internet shops, often designed for individuals. One of the main objectives of the decision on mandatory use of cash registers for payment of household and electronic equipment is the fight against smuggling. Internet supermarkets often used the "gray" schemes themselves when importing goods to Ukraine (and some, perhaps, still use them).

"The meaning of this is not to complicate the business, we all understand that smuggling is controversial, and the unaccountability of all these things allows you to sell as many contraband (when there are no PPOs), so this decision (the Cabinet) is aimed at combating smuggling. , now it will complicate their work, because they will not be able to sell "gray" things.This is an extremely mature and necessary decision that should have been adopted long ago, "the specialist of the investment company said in a commentary to the publication.

Olga Mirza of the Kyiv Business Development Center agrees that a significant part of household and electronic equipment falls into the Ukrainian market in the form of contraband. "Why does everyone object to the installation of the PPO? Because there are no incoming documents ... The main fears are not for the installation of the RFB, but for the fact that we have to look for documentation for the goods ... Part of the goods are actually brought from China by bags, parcels, and the norm of the PPO is designed to , so that people do not do this so that there is no contraband, "she said.

Will the new norm raise the value of goods bought through online stores? This is quite possible, as the sellers will have additional costs. At the same time, he said, the goods in such outlets are not much cheaper than in the official ones. And this is due to the fact that semi-legal stores sell supermarkets. "Accordingly, the consumer will not feel much, because there was a large margin," the expert believes.

In addition, according to experts, many entrepreneurs will try to bypass the innovation associated with the RFB. In fact, it's possible to do this - and quite legally. In particular, by selling the relevant goods by wire transfer. "If the customer is calculated by bank transfer, this rule does not apply." Those items from the list will go only by bank transfer. "

Supervisory authorities are unlikely to begin inspections for the use of the business by the PPO right now. Experts believe that they should wait about six months.

We immediately contacted several large retail chains in Ukraine, which sell household, electronic and other equipment via the Internet, with a request to comment on the requirement of compulsory use of PPOs in the sale of such goods and how the innovation will affect prices. Not all have responded. In the company Technomarket have positively apprehended the new requirement of the Cabinet. "This is a step towards civilized business work, all players of the market must work in equal conditions, in the legislative field.



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