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"SportLife" is the last ever subscription

Discounts in "SportLife" never end.

The collapse of the bridge at Shuliavka. The mayor is nervous.

The extraordinary event that took place in the Shulyavsky overpass is the responsibility of everyone: both the profile deputy and…

Fighting for the sting of the earth

The construction of each free meter of land in Kiyev continues.

The title «Мiss Vinnitsa-2017» went to 20-year old Alina Shamaluk

20-year-old Alina Shamalyuk became the winner of the anniversary beauty contest "Miss Vinnytsia-2017".

Uber taxi problems started

The taxi service Uber simplified the requirements for the cars of its contractors. Now you can get not only a…

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The Bazaar in the village of Voronkov is the largest…
Feldman Ecopark - the pearl of Ukraine
Discounts in "SportLife" never end.
For more than half a year there has been a…

Metro losses can reach one billion hryvnia

According to the results of financial and economic activity for the first time in the last 15 years, the Kiev…

New cheese shop to be opened in Konotop

In the winter of 2017 in Konotop, at the intersection of Shevchenko Street and Mira Avenue, it is planned to…


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